.the beginning.

Eek! I'm in Europe for the first time in 8 years and I can't believe I'm going to say this but - I can't WAIT to get home. I started off in London, and I was
missing personal space, then off to Paris and now after over a week away from home, I'm finding myself missing alot more.

Like... food. All I have been eating here is bread!! And boy do they know how to make bready goodness in Paris. I love how during dinner a piece of
French bread is used as a utensil. And the cheeses and pastries, wow. Unfortunately, the French don't cater much to the vegetarian lifestyle, so
finding lunch is difficult and I usually end up with some form of cheesy bread combo. Followed by a crepe for dessert. Sigh.

England, surprisingly, had alot of veggie foods everywhere and I honestly loved everything I ate there. Which is so funny to me, because I was dreading
finding decent food in this country. Last time I was there, all I found was shaved meat and clotted cream. Gross!

Chris (my boyfriend) and I spent our first day on one of those double decker busses. It was pure tourist bliss:


As you can see here, Chris is giving his thumbs up. This is day one and it's already getting annoying.


Later on that night, we decided to check out a show, after seeing 4794328 posters for Wicked. Our concierge called for us, and got us 8th row seats!
The show was hilarious. I think the brittish accent really spiced it up.


And then... a pint at shakespeare's pub. Our window was perfect for seeing sardine-packed busses turn the corner, I could have watched this for hours:


Next: Pareeee!

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