Paris Paris.


Well I'm already back and (fortunately?) I didn't have alot of internet access in Paris so I wasn't able to blog. This probably was a
blessing, since I have a severe addiction to being online/flickring/blogging/myspaceing and other -ings that I can't think of right now,
but rest assured there are alot.

So here's Paris, in one post, summed up and filled with gaps.

The Arc de Triumph, so much bigger than I thought it would be, is that weird? And when I saw it for the first time, it was such a perfect
moment. We flew into an airport outside of the city, so between lugging our baggage from our London hotel to a taxi to the subway to
a train to the aiport, then from another airport to a shuttle bus to a train to a subway... I climbed the stairs to enter ground level
and looked up and saw this:


It was like taking a shot of espresso.

A week's worth of France, with thousands more that need to be edited:

My favo(u)rite part of Paris = Montmartre. Our friend Philippe brought us here and gave us a whirlwind tour while the rain tried to
ruin our night. Fail. And the best part was we were the only ones there, at midnight all the tourists are in bed and more importantly,
NOT in my pictures.


Chris' grandparents live about 2 blocks away from the Eiffy. This was awesome. I really wanted to go up to the top but YIPES the
line was about 8 miles long. And I didn't REALLY care, I just wanted to be able to say I did it. Oh well. I didn't want to waste my entire
day in a line. Little did I know that was what the rest of my week would be. Line-waiting. Tourists are so lame.

Oh look, a thumbs up. Really creative, Chris.


Ok, so THEN we go to the family mill, located in Giverny. Not only is the mill BEAUTIFUL, but its about a 1/2 mile away from where
Monet lived. So we went to his house the next day, you can tour the whole thing and walk through his famous garden for next to nothing,
and it was worth every euro anyway. The house was interesting I guess, I never knew how into ukiyo-e he was. His walls were completely
covered in every room with this Japanese art. Strange.

The best part of the tour was DEF the walk around the pond with the famous lilypads. I wanted to sit there all day and just soak it in.
I will definitely go back there.



After the tour we walked into Giverny a little bit to get an authentic "french vanilla" ice cream cone and check out the little
shops. I found a sterling silver pocket watch that I was in love with. Looking back I should have grabbed it, it was about 60 bucks but
what a beautiful piece to own and pass on. Next time I go there I'm buying it. After all, this guy was my friend.


And back to the mill. Even the road leading up to it is gorgeous.


I think I'm going to randomly keep adding to this post to update it and fill in more gaps. Its just too much for one night and I still
have TONS of photos to go through. So, off to bed. Nighty night, au revoir, ciao and kiss kiss.

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  1. "My favo(u)rite part of Paris = Montmartre. "
    "And the best part was we were the only ones there, at midnight all the tourists are in bed and more importantly, NOT in my pictures."

    These lines cracked me up. I'm thoroughly enjoying your blob. Keep it up!

    Question: Did authentic "french vanilla" ice cream taste like our french vanilla? What's the word for it in French?