So my friend Jackie (of jackie wonders.com) called me and asked if I'd be interested in being her second shooter, and I
was SO excited to get started. I have to admit, shooting someone's wedding
is SO much pressure!

My dad was a wedding photographer when I was growing up, so I was obsessed with going through his pictures once they
were developed (DEVELOPED!!??) and taking in every last detail. As I got older, dad asked me if I'd be interested in lending a hand.
WOULD I?! I remember my first wedding so well that I can recall exactly what I was wearing.
It was a hunter green vest/skort combo w/ gold buttons. Look, it was really cute in 1994.

I can't believe its 14 years later and I'm doing the same thing! Except now I don't have to get the film developed.

So I stocked up on memory cards and bought a new flash, and even though I wanted to wear a hunter green 2 piece,
I stuck with solid black.

Here are some of my favorites of the day, but there's too many to choose only a few!
This was at the Handlery Hotel in San Diego by the way...

I loved the color scheme, yellow, silver, and lots of greenery...so pretty.

and look at the heart in this flower!!! awwwwwwww....


Jackie got all the good girly shots, while I shot the guys getting ready and eating pizza.


Look at this shot, the peephole in the door was put in backwards so I made sure to protect it,
I didn't want anyone getting any sneak peeks! (except me)

Some anticipation here, moments before the walk:

annnnd the walk:


a couple shots after the ceremony of us being goofy:



but everyone was DYING for the reception to get started. this shot is of the first song the DJ played, the floor was packed.

can you guess what song it was?



Thanks Jackie for this opportunity, I can't wait to do all the weddings we have lined up.


  1. ... the second shooter on the grassy knoll ...

    excellent pictures. jackie is lucky to have you!

  2. That bride is super duper cute!