Happy Birthday Emery! I can't believe you're already a whole year old!!!

Today Chris and I went to Emery's birthday party in the park and Jackie asked
me to make sure to get a few shots.... ummm....no kidding?? Emery and I are like... BFFs.
I had to use OMG and BFF in this post because Jackie came up to me today and
said "BTW". Like... spelled it out. I think it's actually easier to just say
"by the way" - FFR (for future reference).

Jackie did such a great job decorating, look at the cute little girly birdie

Ems had a super sweet dedication:


After blowing bubbles and eating a little cake it was present time! (my favorite)

ummm someone has a LOT of toys to getsta playin with.

I'm really bad at buying gifts on time. But WAIT TILL YOU SEE what I got her.
It's awesome. Its just in the mail.
HEY late presents are way better than on time ones.


  1. Anonymous8/16/2008

    OMG that is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing Emery's numero uno with us. That first picture is my new favorite. i thin kEmery is the CKEM...that stands for cutest kid ever made.


    The Wonders

  2. these are just lovely, carly.

    the OMG I'm One killed me. like, to death. that pic suits that ridiculous statement perfectly.

    and FFR, i throw "btw" around all the time, sorta. i actually say "bee-tee-dubs" and i think that makes it okay. because it's cleverer.

    anyhoo, keep up the awesome work with the whippersnappers!!

  3. Anonymous8/24/2008

    She is soooo cute!!