yesterday a friend found a little guy wandering around and asked me if i would take him in until we found his home.
of course i said yes, i have the softest spot for orphan dogs. well little jack is just about the cutest puppers
on the planet (ok next to robo). here's the little guy, a.k.a. jack. i just had to take some pics of him.


annnd this is robo (my dog - prepare to see a million pics of him in the future) looking not so excited about the new guy.


in fact - he's so not excited that he won't let jack have any of his toys, drink out of his water bowl, and get any kind of
attention from me.

hopefully we can find this little dude's home, i don't think he's going to stay here :(

oh! i almost forgot! i was tagged on Life Happens to do one of those "7 things about you" lists. i'm not a big fan of
passing the burden onto anyone, so i feel like its fair to link the "challenger" but invite anyone who reads this to do if
they feel like it. there. no burden.

here goes!

1) every night, before bed, i put on my comfy pants and do a "comfy pants dance". its very ridiculous, has lots of
flailing and shuffling, and is always hilarious if i do say so myself.

2) i was a retail store manager for over 10 years. i ran several multi million dollar stores during that time. i quit
my job, went to school for graphic design, and am now a photographer. but even now when i go shopping, i fold the
shirts on the tables for peace of mind.

3) i grew up in a house that had a yard with a huuuuge garden in it. for years and years i ate fresh veggies plucked
right out of it, from peppers to carrots, tomatoes, onions. we had apples, strawberries, even pumpkins along
with hundreds of varieties of flowers. however. i have a black thumb. i can't belive i have kept this one plant alive
for a couple years (i think its a weed).

4) my parents were hippies and named me after the union of james taylor and carly simon. gag.

5) speaking of music, my number one dreamboat is trent reznor and my first concert was richard marx. i am a closet
britney fan and put on stevie wonder's greatest hits once a week. the beatles have always been/will always be
the greatest band ever (during their drug experimenting years, that is). and i can not STAND puffy and kanye.

6) i'm originally from boston (well, auburn) massachusetts, love the red sox and the patriots, miss fresh maine lobster,
and occasionally don't pronounce my R's.

7) i put balsamic vinegar on my pizza. i've been making pizza zingy since '99. did i really just say that?

ok. time to eat. mmm pizza.



  1. 1) will you take pics of pip and percy this winter! I have to save up some cash...
    2) you've been tagged. check my blog for the rules.

  2. oh you already got tagged by life happen. distracted by the amazing photos. will you still take pics of my dogs?

  3. I've seen the "comfy pants dance" live! It truly is ridiculously hilarious. Erik thinks his picture is gorgeous. I have to agree!

  4. oh cute! love jack and robo! dogs are the best to photograph aren't they?